Frequently asked questions

Is using Meekee free?


How do I turn off notifications?

Say stop to @meekee in a direct message.

How do I turn on notifications again?

Say start to @meekee in a direct message.

How can another team member start using Meekee?

Ask them to say start to @meekee in a direct message.

Well, I want notifications for *all* my Google Calendar events...

We recommend the app from Google Calendar!

Meekee sent me a weird notification.

There may be some Google Calendar quirks that we're not covering properly. Send over what you know on Twitter @AQbots or

How do you pronnounce Meekee?

Meeeeee keeeee. It's short for Meeting Keeper, an app that we never got around to building...

Why did you make such a small bot?

Well, it tickles us to release a teeny tiny "single cell" tool that is super helpful for 1 second, a few times a day, every workday!

Will you make more bots?

Yes, we're building a family of bots that help teams like ours -- small, tight-knit and distributed -- with their day to day work. Do get in touch if you have any suggestions!